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Peschiere has always been dedicated to offering its residents great cultural encounters, including opportunities to meet with political leaders and reflections on current issues, as well as opportunities for recreation and the cultivation musical and artistic passions.

Great protagonists of cultural, entrepreneurial and political life have been hosted within the walls of our Hall of Residence. Italian writers, local, national and international entrepreneurs, philosophers and musicians, have shared their professional experience and, thus, have contributed to expanding students’ knowledge of the professional world.

Concerto in Peschiere

Davide Armanino

Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Guest @Delle Peschiere in 2019/20

Agostino Re Rebaudengo

President of Asja Ambiente Italia

Guest @Delle Peschiere in 2019/20

Giulio Sapelli

University professor and Economist

Guest @Peschiere in 2019/20

Massimo Derchi

President of Snam Rete Gas

Guest @Peschiere in 2019/20

Paolo Bernardini

CEO of Equitalia Giustizia

Guest @Peschiere in 2019/20

Fabio Gnecco

Chief Investment Officer at Banca Profilo

Guest @Delle Peschiere in 2019/20

Matteo Catani

CEO of Grandi Navi Veloci

Guest @Peschiere in 2018/19

Pietro Piciocchi

Council of financial statement of Genoa

Guest @Peschiere in 2018/19

Ezio Palmisani

President and CEO of Duferco Engineering

Guest @Peschiere in 2018/19

Danilo Moresco

Business Unit Manager South Europe of ABB

Guest @Peschiere in 2017/18

Massimiliano Lussana

Journalist and Professor of Common Law

Guest @Peschiere in 2017/18

Giovanni Mondini

President of Confindustria Genova – Vice President of ERG s.p.a

Guest @Peschiere in 2017/18

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